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He could feel the bullet tearing his flesh as it was making its way through his left lung ripping veins and capillaries along its path. It seemed to change directions it came in contact with the young man heart as if the say I have a message for you today. This cannot be returned or, nor can it be refused. You are the individual that’s it receipts of this greeting today. Because tomorrow is not an option. It came without warning as much as bad news travel. The entry wound was small until it entered his flesh and expanded as metals do once heat is applied to it. It tore through the left ventricle vein just above top right of the heart. The blood flow found a new path of freedom and unrestricted paths. One it never knew before. As an underground wellspring that finally found it’s path to the surface severing the ventricle vein in two. On its path making contact shattering the left shoulder blade before completing finally resting place somewhere in the Southern Manchurian landscape just north of Port Arthur. The young man was taking aback as he was airlifted two feet off the grassy frozen surface he was running along before his contact the foreign object that caused his life to run away from him. The fall wasn’t the thing that ended his life. It was the blood that grew weary of the normal paths of travels. This moment would not complain to a one today of the job it was asked to be performed day after day. However, today would be very much different. There would be no familiar route. No tunnels and concaves supplying the essential nutrients, oxygen to all important clients it knew all too well. It ran free is any untamed liquid once it broke free of its restricted boundaries. As lifeless corpse made contact with the grassy plain. He could hear the footsteps of other members of the Third Imperial Army of Japan as they ran past and over him. He looked at the grey sky overhead and saw the colour changed to cherry blossoms giving way to a spring breeze falling all around him. He smiled and closed his eyes as to falling lasting sleep.

He tossed and turned, but his five-foot frame would not yield him any relief. The perspiration poured from his temples beneath his receding grey hairline. This dream was very different to the one he had dreamt before. General Tomika Kudos stood before the edge of cliff dressed in white satin kimono with short ceremonial swords placed on a table before him. To his right stood a young, beautiful woman who appeared to be an angel.

“You have fulfilled your, great General Tomika Kudos. The empire employs all your efforts for the greater Japanese people. IT was not your destiny to not die in battle. Your decision that some should die for the greater good is your burden. Fathers and mothers have wept for the loses of their sons and cannot be comforted. Each has died for what they believe, while others will stand by suffering.”

‘No! No!” General Tomika raised himself upright in

His sleeping cot. He tried at best to focus his black pupils to the night vision of the surrounding area of the heating unit that kept the cold night chill of the Liaodong Peninsula off himself, aid-de-camp

and driver, smoothing grey receding head and beard . He searched for small towel to remove perspiration from his soaked brow, neck and finally his chest area. He could feel the earth shift as the eleven-inch

‘Have another nightmare?” asked the voice of his aid-de-camp.

“We never outrun our sins,” the general said as he was turning towards the dark red oriental beneath his sleeping cot, securing his footing while looking down at his tension he could it as it creaked on one ide then the other.

Lieutenant Colonel Hirashi Makisuda called to the servant to prepare the general’s refreshing water for bathing.

‘What has transpired since our last briefing?” asked the general.

“I will check once I have met the operations officers this morning.”

Kudosu wasn’t overly concerned with what he anticipated the casualty, wounded and missing-in-action report would say. He wasn’t concerned with how many of the military was lost. How many would to have to be sacrificed to achieve the objective? Kudosu didn’t rest well. Politics and the military don’t mix. Politicians seek to influence the masses. How important it is the achieve their following depends on the severity of the situation of the country in question. He knew how this game was played. It mattered less what the military members are expected to obey orders and not think. This was left up to the decision makers. Military members.

An excerpt from Escape Zones