Sometimes without warning.


He could feel the bullet tearing his flesh as it was making its way through his left lung ripping veins and capillaries along its path. It seemed to change directions it came in contact with the young man heart as if the say I have a message for you today. This cannot be returned or, nor can it be refused. You are the individual that’s it receipts of this greeting today. Because tomorrow is not an option. It came without warning as much as bad news travel. The entry wound was small until it entered his flesh and expanded as metals do once heat is applied to it. It tore through the left ventricle vein just above top right of the heart. The blood flow found a new path of freedom and unrestricted paths. One it never knew before. As an underground wellspring that finally found it’s path to the surface severing the ventricle vein in two. On its path making contact shattering the left shoulder blade before completing finally resting place somewhere in the Southern Manchurian landscape just north of Port Arthur. The young man was taking aback as he was airlifted two feet off the grassy frozen surface he was running along before his contact the foreign object that caused his life to run away from him. The fall wasn’t the thing that ended his life. It was the blood that grew weary of the normal paths of travels. This moment would not complain to a one today of the job it was asked to be performed day after day. However, today would be very much different. There would be no familiar route. No tunnels and concaves supplying the essential nutrients, oxygen to all important clients it knew all too well. It ran free is any untamed liquid once it broke free of its restricted boundaries. As lifeless corpse made contact with the grassy plain. He could hear the footsteps of other members of the Third Imperial Army of Japan as they ran past and over him. He looked at the grey sky overhead and saw the colour changed to cherry blossoms giving way to a spring breeze falling all around him. He smiled and closed his eyes as to falling lasting sleep.


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