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If you feel like it’s a chore to keep up with all your favorite blogs, you can now read posts from all the blogs you follow (even the ones that aren’t on!) in one convenient place on the home page: Your reader displays all the posts…

He could feel the bullet tearing his flesh as it was making its way through his left lung ripping veins and capillaries along its path. It seemed to change directions it came in contact with the young man heart as if the say I have a message for you today. This cannot be returned or, […]

He tossed and turned, but his five-foot frame would not yield him any relief. The perspiration poured from his temples beneath his receding grey hairline. This dream was very different to the one he had dreamt before. General Tomika Kudos stood before the edge of cliff dressed in white satin kimono with short ceremonial swords […]